Amphenol is a leading innovator in advanced sensing technologies and innovative embedded
measurement solutions customized for regulatory and industry driven applications. Amphenol sensor technology
helps reduce emissions, drive energy efficiency and safety for the passenger and heavy goods vehicles.


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Automotive certified company able to design, develop and manufacture algorithms, SW, HW finished products. Displays and ADAS (AVM, FCW, KDW, BSD, MOD, PAS, PD, TLR, APGS) – Blindvue for Bus and Construction Vehicles (Mirror replacement system) – PSVT (drive monitoring system) – Virtual 360 and cluster for construction vehicles – Ultrasonic sensor & microwave radar system – Technical support center in Germany.


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Calamit is a company operating in the magnet sector since 1957 with his headquarters near Milan and three offices in Europe. The company meets all requirements in the field of permanent magnets and magnetic separation. Thanks to its deep-rooted presence in China, Calamit can offer the most advanced proposals from a technical point of view and the most advantageous from an economic point of view.


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A contact-less sensor that measures human vitals & presence, enabling advanced use cases (automotive, medical, safety, industrial)

Coin-sized sensor that can be integrated into any device or as a stand-alone product:

Predict emergencies, and monitor health & comfort levels
Detect and recognize people for individualized support and safety functions
People detection/recognition/location enables innovative autonomous functions
Breathing & heartbeat monitoring unlocks the potential to detect and understand changes in comfort / safety in condition of stress- alcohol- drowsiness- fatigue

Possibility to detect/monitor several illness such as eupnea, pneumonia, diabetes, stress, depression, heart failure, brain hemorrhage etc….