PrintCB CopPair

Sensaggio is Distributor for PrintCB’s CopPair,  a revolutionary conductive copper ink for printed electronics. The ink has high thermo and electric conductivity, suitable for printing on many substrates and allows direct soldering of SMT components. CopPair provides a new cost-effective alternative for production of advanced electronics and wireless devices.


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OLEA Sensors

Sensaggio is Distributor for Olea Sensor Networks, an American company, that designs, biometric sensors for connected health care, including telemedicine, connected car, connected home, industrial safety and public and government security.

Olea’s contactless, wireless integrated sensors are based on Micro-Doppler radar and UWB (UltraWide Band) technologies and powered by Olea’s proprietary, advanced intelligent software and algorithms.

Olea’s designs and technologies focus on vital sign detection, monitoring and predictive analysis of vital signs for use in personal safety issues including vehicle collisions, home invasion, human presence detection (industrial truck, vehicle occupancy – child/pet left behind) as well as energy resource conservation.

Olea’s technologies can operate in a variety of modes depending upon the product. Olea’s sensors and analytic software can wirelessly read heart rate, heart rate variability and respiration rate with clinical accuracy, differentiate between live animate beings and inanimate objects up to a 5 meter distance for both moving and stationary applications.

Sensaggio aims to expand Olea sensor’s sales in Italy and throughout Europe for new and existing applications based on IOT technology.

MERIT Sensors

Sensaggio recently became Distributor / Agent for MERIT SENSOR (Italy, Spain,
Croazia, Montenegro, Serbia), American company that manufactures and
distributes pressure sensors in the automotive, industrial , aerospace , consumer
electronics, and biomedical sectors
Merit completes the Sensaggio offer with silicon sensors offered in die forms and with very low and high pressure ranges as well as differential sensors.