The Sensor Show Congress Speaker Spotlight with Andrea Saggio of Sensaggio

The Sensor Show Congress Speaker Spotlight with Andrea Saggio of Sensaggio

The Sensor Show Congress Speaker Spotlight with Andrea Saggio of Sensaggio

Andrea Saggio’s wide experience includes running a sensor manufacturing facility in Milan and working in partnership with global specialists.

by Rachel Gordon

March 30, 2020

What was your journey to the sensor market?

My background spans business and technology. I studied economics at the University of California Berkeley and then for an MBA in Milan. However, while in the US, I gained knowledge of companies within Silicon Valley, which was an inspiration and allowed me to develop knowledge about sensors when they were fairly new. When I returned to Italy, I started two companies, and this allows me to understand both manufacturing and distribution sides.

Can you tell more about your companies, what markets do you operate in? What is your proposition to the market?

I founded Micropac which distributes materials, components and technology solutions to microelectronic industries, including the telecoms, automotive, appliances, biomedical, defence, aerospace and industrial sectors.

My other company, Sensaggio designs, manufactures and distributes ratiometric pressure sensors and ceramic transducers.

We also work in partnership with a US company – Olea Sensor Networks, which is a biometric specialist, with particular expertise within connected healthcare, car, home, industrial safety and security. We are also working with Silicon Valley and Utah based companies, such as Merit Sensor, that manufacture pressure sensors for car, industrial, aerospace, consumer and medical applications where either a very low or a high pressure ranges are needed.

Who are you looking forward to talking to at The Sensor Show?

There will be many people to meet with and we enjoy discussions with new sectors, along with the automotive, medical and telecommunications experts, where we have strong relationships.

Where do you see the market moving – what do you feel are growth areas?

There is so much going on. If we look just at medical, there has been a lot of advancement in non-invasive sensors, which can monitor health, such as of vital signs, and fitness and if necessary, lead to an early warning. Automotive is probably leading the way and we hear a lot about driver safety and the ability to reduce collisions, but increasingly, sensors can help for example if a child or pet is left behind in the vehicle. Overall, we are now seeing more optimisation and with sensors ‘talking’ to each other.

What do you see as the greatest market challenges and how do you seek to overcome them?

It is a difficult balancing act for manufacturers as they can invest heavily in development but the market needs to be ready for the innovation. The ceramic sensor market, for example, is mature but continues to expand because the products are effective. I do not see too many concerns about security – in fact sensors can gather useful information, such as on footfall numbers without identification, while biometrics is also improving security.

What can delegates expect to learn at is your presentation covering?

I will be talking about market developments, including my own experience within pressure sensors, to focus on design, materials and manufacture and also for our new packaging innovation for silicon sensors. We work with clients from the early stages and so this can be very useful in terms of learning. I will also discuss advances in biometrics and the wider applications for this as well as new approaches in a number of areas.

What are you looking forward to at The Sensor Show?

It is always good to meet so many people face to face and to network – and we have markets across Europe and we are also planning global expansion and a further manufacturing plant, perhaps in the US or Mexico.

Will you be exhibiting at the show?

Yes, we will have two stands to showcase our two companies.

Do you have a favourite piece of kit?

Yes, and it is something that many others have – it’s my iPad. I use it every day and that probably says it all.